Enovid NONS - saNOtize nasal spray FAQs

Where can I buy SaNOtize Enovid nitric oxide nasal spray?

You can purchase Enovid online here, at our website, with the fastest delivery option available. 


How to store Enovid nasal spray?

Store at room temperature. Do not freeze.


Enovid is a Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (NONS) so why there is no Nitric Oxide at the ingredients list?

In short, nitric oxide is created only upon spraying, based on SaNOtize's proprietary technology. You can read more at SaNOtize website here


What is this website, is it related to SaNOtize?

No, we are a reseller. We are not related in any way to SaNOtize, but we do carry and offer SaNotize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spary known as Enovid.


Can I speed up delivery time?

We are using the fastest delivery option offered by DHL and UPS and we schedule daily pickups at around noon our local time in order to be on time at the same day DHL or UPS flight that leaves Israel. So there is no practical way for us to speed up the delivery time but we do our best that your order will be processed, packed and picked up as fast as we can, usually at the same day.


Does Enovid effective with COVID-19?

SaNOtize NONS Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray is approved in Israel with a very specific claim: "ENOVID is a nasal spray device intended for use as a proactive mechanical and chemical barrier against viruses within the nasal cavity."

You can find more information and data published on the internet explaining about this product. We recommend looking only for information published by SaNOtize. .


Where is my package?

Once your order is processed and packed, you will receive from us an email with your tracking number and carrier name (DHL). Please note that as long as the package is at our warehouse and haven't been picked up, there will be no tracking information, besides a note stating that the shipper has generated a shipping label. 

Please note that there is no pickup on Friday, Saturday and on some holidays dates in Israel.

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