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SaNOtize Nasal Spray

Sanotize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (NONS) - Your Daily Protection Against Viruses

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99% Reduction in COVID-19 Viral Load

Glenmark Phase III clinical trial shows reduction in SARS-CoV-2 log viral load by 94% within 24 hours, and by more than 99% in 48 hours.

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Stay Safe Everywhere

Protect yourself from viruses at work or school, during meetings or when using public transportation and flights.

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Use SaNOtize NONS Daily

Enovid can be used as a proactive measure or to reduce the viral load. It kills viruses in the nasal cavity, the main "gateway" to viruses in the respiratory tract and significantly reduces the viral load in the body. Easy to use and made from natural ingredients only.

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SaNOtize moves to carve a new market demand: over-the-counter prevention

There are currently zero authorized or approved preventative COVID therapies in the U.S. but Canadian...
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SaNOtize raised $24M to fund phase 3 trial of COVID-19 nasal spray

SaNOtize has raisedĀ a $24 million series B round, giving it the cash to fund its...
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Clinical Study Suggests SaNOtize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray Is Effective at Preventing COVID-19 after High-Risk Exposure

Published on May 11, 2022 on After confirmed exposure to COVID-19, infection rate in...
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Phase 3 Clinical Trial Confirms SaNOtizeā€™s Treatment is 99% Effective Against COVID-19

SaNOtize andĀ Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited has announced on February 09, 2022: Phase 3 trial reached primary...
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Outstanding Preliminary Results of A Clinical Trial Treating Moderate-To-Severe Covid-19 Patients, Conducted By Amorphical, An Israeli Biotechnology Company

Amorphical, an Israeli biotech company developing Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) has announced results of a...
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SaNOtize faces increased demand and is now seeking to raise funds to support production expansion

SaNOtizeĀ reports thatĀ NONS sales inĀ Q3Ā 2021 wereĀ $5MĀ and are projected toĀ exceedĀ $9MĀ by the end of 2021. SaNOtizeĀ anticipatesĀ 2022Ā revenues will beĀ $70-100MĀ -Ā theĀ timing...
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BNN Bloomberg: An Interview with Dr. Gilly Regev of SaNOtize

U.K. clinical trials for Vancouverā€™s SaNOtize have confirmed that its nasal spray reduced SARS-CoV-2 log...
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