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About the Product

Yes, Enovid is the brand name for SaNOtize nasal spray. The product is also known as SaNOtize NONS which stands for Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray. In some countries Enovid is sold under the brand name Virx.

Yes, Enovid is manufactured by SaNOtize in Israel and the product we are selling is original, brand new and arrives in a sealed package.  

SaNOtize has developed a proprietary liquid formulation that releases nitric oxide gas in
therapeutic concentrations, making it a practical delivery platform. That means that the
nitric oxide (NO) is formed only when the liquid ingredients are administrated. 

SaNOtize nasal spray releases a small dose of nitric oxide and is designed to kill viruses in the upper airways. This prevents them from incubating and spreading to the lungs by providing a physical and chemical barrier.  

The nitric oxide, which is known for its antimicrobial qualities, means this is a special spray that doesn’t just block viruses but actually kills them.

Enovid was scientifically tested and proven to kill 99.9% of viruses within 2 minutes.

Nitric Oxide is a nanomolecule produced by many cells in our body. Over the years researchers were able to demonstrate that nitric oxide is a very effective antimicrobial agent that can kill viruses, bacterial and fungi.   

SaNOtize has developed a proprietary liquid formulation that releases nitric oxide gas in therapeutic concentrations, making it a practical delivery platform.   

Sodium chloride, Citric acid, HPMC, Sodium nitrite, Benzalkonium Chloride (the nitric oxide is formed during spraying).

All components are used widely in the food industry and have a very strong safety profile.

Do not use this product is you are sensitive to any of the ingredients  

Store at room temperature. Do not freeze.

Discard the product at the earlier of the expiration date or 60 days after the first opening

How to Use

Yes! Use it 3-4 times over the course of the day (and up to 6 times a day), 2 sprays per nostril during each use. It is best to use before and after attending a high-risk environment (public transportation, day cares, health care settings, shopping centers, sport events etc.)

A clinical study conducted in Feb 2022 found that participants who took NONS after COVID-19 exposure were 75% less likely to become infected when compared to the control group.

Use it up to 6 times a day (2 sprays per each nostril) if you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms.

Yes, it can be used after other nasal products. please separate administration by 2 hours before and after applying the product with other nasal products.

Adults and children older than 12 years of age.

Children under 12 years or if pregnant or breast-feeding - consult a physician.   


If you are sensitive to any of the ingredients, do not use this product!

Children under 12 years - consult a physician. 

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray has not been studied in pregnant women. Currently, the product is contraindicated for use if pregnant or breastfeeding women. Consult a Healthcare Provider to discuss the possible benefits to the risks to the fetus/baby if the product is required. For those planning on becoming pregnant, no fertility studies have been performed.


For daily protection, use it before and after attending high-risk environments (public transportation, days cares, health care settings, shopping centers, sports events etc.). Use up to 6 times a day following a suspected exposure to viruses.

Enovid should be stored at room temperature only.

Do not freeze or refrigerate it. 

Discard product 60 days after opening.


SaNOtize has conducted non-interference testing and has concluded that the common PCR assays and antigen kits are not affected by the product. These tests do not specifically test for live viruses. Rather, they identify the presence of a virus, dead or alive, through the presence of structural virus spike protein or genetic material (RNA), at the time the test is performed. Much like fingerprints, the tests just demonstrate the presence of an individual (virus). If the product has been used and a nasal swab is tested immediately after dosing, although the virus is inactivated, it will still produce a positive test. Even if all of the virus is inactivated.

General drug-drug interactions:

Due to the composition, local application, mechanical and physical-chemical mode of action, the product is unlikely to be absorbed systemically. No interactions are known or expected with oral or parenteral medications.

Nasal product interactions:

Separate administration by 2 hours before and after applying the product with other nasal products.

It is recommended that if you experience reactions such as headache, nosebleed, or a persistent nasal burning sensation (that is, continues for > 5 minutes after each administration or is not tolerated), to discontinue using the product immediately. If symptoms persist, consult your Healthcare Provider.

As per the Enovid User Guide, stop using the product and contact your Healthcare Provider (if necessary). 



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We ship from Israel, where SaNOtize manufactures its NONS Enovid.


As with many products that affect the 'senses', one can expect some variability in nasal tolerability, from day to day (inter-day) and often within the same day (intra-day), depending on one's method of preparation before use and during use of the product.

Liquid. The spray mechanism is designed to mix the ingredients contained in the bottle (in 2 separate compartments) and upon pressing the spray it should produce a flow of liquid which is somewhere between droplets and a jet of liquid, that should "wash" the nasal cavity.  The spray is not designed and is not supposed to produce a clear mist. 

It is very rare, but if for any reason the upper part of the bottle that contains the spray mechanism is broken, loose or detached from the bottle itself, do not use this spray. Please contact us.

Please note that this may happen if you do not open the transparent cover properly (align the marks) and you use force to pull it out.


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