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How to Choose a Nasal Spray for Cold Relief

By Udi Damari on Jun 20, 2024 0 Comment

Nasal sprays are the ideal solution to most cold symptoms. There’s no doubt that having a cold can affect your life in many ways. Even the most common cold can lead to lung complications, including bronchitis and pneumonia.

Moreover, those with underlying conditions like asthma are more exposed to the risks that come with a cold. When you have a high-quality nasal spray by your side, however, you can fight the infection and live a healthier life.

There are hundreds of products out there, each one targeting different symptoms. Which one should you choose for cold relief? Read on, and learn how to get rid of colds the easy way.

Are Nasal Sprays Safe?

Most of the time, taking a nasal spray for cold relief will do wonders. However, you should only use them when required and not rely on the medication to feel better. 

When you don’t attack the cold virus directly, you risk damaging your nasal passages and experiencing even more congestion than before.

Moreover, certain people with underlying conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure may have to check with their doctor before taking any spray.

Most of the products we’ll mention below are available over the counter, so you must do research before getting one to treat your cold symptoms.

What’s the Difference Between Each Nasal Spray?

Buying the first nasal spray you find won’t do the trick. You must get the product that targets the symptoms you’re experiencing. In other words, the best nasal spray for cold symptoms is the one that offers the most benefits and the least side effects.

Every nasal spray works under a similar premise; you spray it directly into the nose. This allows the medication to target the cold symptoms without affecting the rest of your body. One of the main benefits of this is that you have a lower risk of side effects.

Here’s a list of the most common types of sprays on the market. This should give you an idea of which one suits your needs the best:


Steroids are the most common choice for those wanting to treat their cold symptoms. They decrease inflammation within your nasal passages, allowing you to breathe and avoid common problems like frequent sneezing, congestion, and more.

Since they’re steroids, these products may come with many side effects, so it’s crucial to do research before getting a nasal spray for cold relief of this kind.


As the name implies, a decongestant gets rid of congestion symptoms. Essentially, they constrict the blood vessels in your nose, getting rid of the swelling that’s not allowing you to breathe.

Decongestants are effective as a temporary measure to treat cold symptoms. Unfortunately, it’s not recommended to use them for more than three days. They could become addictive for certain people.

Saline Sprays

Saline sprays are simple cold relief products. They are sprays that contain saline. You can use one to keep the cilia in your nose healthy and free from bacteria. This could help with symptoms related to sinusitis and rhinitis.

We recommend saline sprays if your nose feels dry at the end of the day. They can help you get rid of mucus and debris, allowing you to have a great night.

However, keep in mind that saline sprays may not be as effective when treating immediate symptoms like congestion.


Antihistamines block histamine. It’s a compound that plays a role in your immune system. In other words, histamine is often involved in allergic and inflammatory reactions.

By taking antihistamines, you can treat common cold symptoms like a runny nose, congestion, and more. 


Nasal irrigations are often home remedies. You’ll mix sterile water with salt and/or baking soda. When you flush everything into the nose, that could help rinse out the mucus.

Due to the nature of this spray, you can expect fewer side effects. However, irrigations may not deal with the cold infection directly.

Cromolyn Sodium Sprays

These sprays inhibit your mast cells, allowing you to deal with congestion, sneezing, and other allergy symptoms. Although this product is effective for treating most cold symptoms, its side effects may be annoying.

Some of the most common effects include bad taste and nasal burning. If you feel too uncomfortable while taking them, we suggest you stop and try another nasal spray for cold relief.

Anticholinergic Sprays

Anticholinergic sprays block acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter involved in different functions throughout your body. When you use this spray, it could decrease secretions from your nasal passages’ glands. This is perfect for people with a runny nose, whether they have allergic or nonallergic rhinitis.

These sprays have two potential side effects, including bad taste and a dry mouth.

What’s the Best Nasal Spray for Cold Relief?

Ideally, you should go for the nasal spray that targets your specific symptoms. While all of them could ease your cold problems, it’s always better to get something targeted to your needs.

Something you should note about nasal sprays is that most products only focus on immediate symptom relief. In other words, if you’re struggling with a runny nose, most medications will try to make it disappear at the moment and nothing else.

Unfortunately, not many products offer anything beneficial besides fast relief from cold symptoms. You’re still at risk of getting similar symptoms again, as you’re not necessarily targeting the virus that caused the cold in the first place.

In these cases, we recommend Enovid’s “SaNOtize Nasal Spray.” It focuses on harnessing the power of “Nitric Oxide” (NO), allowing patients to fight the illness more effectively.

Essentially, nitric oxide is a naturally occurring molecule in our bodies. The creators of SaNOtize saw the potential benefits of this molecule and manufactured a proprietary platform, which allows nitric oxide to work as an antimicrobial agent.

In other words, not only are you getting fast cold relief, but you’re also promoting better antiviral protection. You’ll be able to reduce the severity and duration of your colds.

Bottom Line

Cold symptoms should never be ignored, no matter how small they are. Currently, there are so many products that can target the virus and get rid of it, allowing you to breathe properly and feel energized sooner rather than later.

All the nasal sprays mentioned will help you to some extent. Make sure to review each one thoroughly, and ask your doctor for advice if possible. Get the best nasal spray for cold relief today, and start taking care of your health.

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